"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."

— Pablo Picasso


Most of us remember when we crossed paths with the dancing community, it was at a critical point in our lives. The dancing community welcomed us with open arms and changed our lives, so we are forever grateful.

It gave us new life.. not only mentally, but also physically.

Whether dancing to take a break from "life".. to "disconnect/unplug".. to mentally heal.. to exercise.. to socialize.. or just for fun.

We are no longer people that just "want" to dance, but "need" to dance!


Unfortunately, as life is, we've learned of talented dancers who stop learning for a variety of reasons.. one of them being financial priorities.

Most reasons may be out of our hands.. but when the reason is financial priorities, perhaps we could help.

No judgement whatsoever.. we've all been there.

A "giving back to the community" sort of thing.


For a while we wanted to create a nonprofit charitable organization for this purpose, but mistakenly we had in mind that we needed to start large. Then we realized that actually we don't.

As long as this project helps one dancer.. we're happy!

So we started the Live to Dance • Dance to Live sponsorship program.


A sponsorship program where in a special partnership with Miami dance studios, we cover the sponsorship recipient's tuition in exchange for the recipient's assistance in a dynamic, mutually beneficial relationship.


If any one feels the same as we do, donations are always welcomed.


Thank you to everyone involved either directly or indirectly that makes this possible.

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